Having helped myself recover from IBS and allergies, I'd like to help you.

Are you suffering from stress, anxiety, chronic pain, allergies, chronic
fatigue, fibromyalgia, IBS or other digestive issues? I can empower
you to heal yourself, by giving you tools that not only help you to
relieve your current health issues, but also any that may show up in
the future.

The need for equanimity in the increasingly stress inducing times
we live in, calls for us to have tools for self-regulation. We can
learn to retrain our brain to live with stress in a state of
well-being in body, mind and the emotions.


What To Expect

In our sessions, I will help you to deal with the underlying stress and
anxiety which is the cause of all inflammatory conditions whether it
is musculoskeletal or other wise. I will use my many years of
experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine to help you to understand
the core issues related to your symptoms. I may use acupuncture to
facilitate the process.

You will be actively engaged in a program that we will design
together. This will include techniques drawn from ancient Chinese
Medicine healing modalities as well as guided visualizations based on
the latest scientific research on neuro-repatterning.

You will feel empowered, in charge of your own healing with tools
to address symptoms as they show up. You will feel safe, supported
and able to trust the healing process as old pain and unresolved
trauma begin to be released.

Your uniquely designed program will calm the limbic system,
harmonize your body and mind and allow your body to return to health.

A balanced limbic system results in:

  • restful sleep

  • normal blood pressure

  • cellular detoxification

  • hormonal regulation

  • normalization of pain signal processing

  • increase of energy

  • reactivation of the body’s innate healing abilities to correct imbalances, such as in the digestive and immune system

A calm balanced limbic system fosters physical, emotional and mental well-being.

I use acupuncture, qigong (therapeutic exercises), self-acupressure, guided imagery, and other techniques to help my clients return to health and vitality.