You can retrain your brain to heal yourself

In ancient Chinese Medicine the concept of epigenetics was a familiar study in the class of meridians called the eight extraordinary vessels. Practitioners in the art of acupuncture were well versed in bringing balance to psycho-emotional disturbances that manifest as physical symptoms. Modern science is only now discovering the effects of gene expression in the face of environmental factors. Studies show how genes turn on and off in response to stress and trauma, and how these genes are in turn passed on to the next generations.


One of the eight extraordinary vessels is the source of our ancestral qi or life force that develops in the prenatal stage and later gives rise to two others which are the main conduits of qi distribution. It is said that whatever ancestral qi we are born with, it is the quota for our whole life, and we can enhance or diminish it through the choices we make in our life-style. The health of our prenatal qi is also affected by the environment and our relationship to it.

Four branches of the eight extraordinary vessels are responsible for how we respond to our environment as we mature. How well we are nurtured or exposed to childhood trauma will determine the health of these meridians. Two are responsible for whether we can take a stand for ourselves and the other two determine how we view the world.