Addicted To Happiness

Aug 03, 2022

Are you addicted to happiness?


Do you think you should always only feel positive emotions?


It is ironic that true happiness includes making room for all emotions that we humans experience including the ones we call negative, such as sadness, anger and frustration.


The sages teach that our true nature is of joy and peace, that suffering is an option. What does that mean during the times when we are obviously suffering, overwhelmed by waves of sadness, frustration and anger? Can we opt out of the feeling of suffering during these intense emotions?


The answer is yes. We can have an inner peace and joy, even in the midst of other emotions.


Does that mean that we are addicted to happiness?


The answer is no if you are consciously aware of your emotions and work with them skillfully.


Nature is joy; a murmuring stream, a blossoming flower, a bird in flight. We are nature, we are peace and joy. Happiness is the backdrop upon which all emotions float. There is no need to hold on to them. Like waves on the ocean, they come and go except for peace and joy. Uncomfortable emotions only take hold when we forget our true nature and believe that the difficult emotion passing through is what we are.


We cannot try to be happy, we already are. We cannot get rid of or ignore our difficult emotions, they are there to tell us about our unmet needs. We can be reflective, neutral and work with what our experience is there to teach us. How can we give to ourselves those unmet needs that we are looking to be fulfilled by someone or something?


The doorway to the heart is not selectively permeable. In other words we cannot choose to feel certain emotions only. Shutting down a feeling shuts down our ability to feel both the unwanted emotions and the spontaneous emotions of our true nature, of joy and peace.


So, when I ask if you are addicted to happiness, what I really mean is are you addicted to excitement.

Excitement is as stressful to the body as other intense emotions. Repressing emotions is also stressful and requires a large consumption of energy.


When your heart is shut down, and all you can feel is excitement, it becomes much like an addiction in that you need more and more excitement in order to feel anything at all. This can lead to adrenal fatigue, depression of the immune system, and increase in inflammation.


Being open to life as it comes to you, reducing craving and aversion, allows the body to return to homeostasis. And your inner joy has room to fill you up.


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